SOLID Tugboat

SOLID is an authentic, full of history Dutch tug.

Build in 1940 in Rotterdam first was used by German occupants (name: H.K.7) until Netherlands liberation. In 1946 it started serving as a police boat under the name of PVII. After been used as a service boat for almost 3 decades it traveled from place to place in Netherlands and had few owners that made the boat as their home.

In 2017 we brought SOLID (ex name BREEHORN) to French Riviera for a new start. Giving tugs structure, outside space and its durability it makes a perfect Shadow Yacht – support vessel to carry all the water toys that market has to offer at this moment.

Convenient for official Flyboard shows, effective use as a water toys boat and perfect place to spend time enjoying Mediterranean sea, SOLID will be proposing most exclusive and fun day charters in the area.

The ShadowYacht SOLID is visible at the port of Mandelieu.

The benefits of Shadow Yacht

  • The only boat entirely dedicated to water toys on the French Riviera
  • One of the kind
  • All water toys transportation with ease
  • Large storage capacity and loading
  • No more boat launching prohibitions in many ports. Your Jetski is already on the boat
  • Happiness to use, you are always ready to go for new adventures safely
  • Convenient to store all your equipment vests, buoys, fins, masks and accessories
  • Converted garage
  • Annex and liferaft


  • Year of construction: 1940
  • Country of manufacture: Netherlands
  • Materials: Steel
  • Length: 17.07m (56 feet)
  • Width: 3.98m
  • Draft: 1.8m
  • Dry weight: 55 Ton
  • Loading capacity: 6 Ton
  • Place for 2 Jetskis 3.7m * 1.5 meters
  • Fuel tank: 1 * 1500 liters
  • Water tank: 4 * 200 liters
  • Passengers: 18 people
  • Cruising speed: 8 knts
  • Consumption: 10 liters/h
  • Autonomy: 150 NM
  • Crew: 2


  • Engine: Fiat Marine 250CV 1976
  • Bilge pumps: 2 (manual and auto)
  • Batteries: 4
  • Generator: 1
  • Electric windlass: 1
  • Cabine: 1
  • Galley
  • Saloon: Extra bed available
  • Head: shower and toilette
  • Shower on deck
  • Swimming platforme

The Shadow Yacht is a pleasure yacht trailer to spend a day at sea with family or friends with a max of fun or to accompany your main yacht. It’s a kind of floating garage that allows you to take your water toy collection behind you like Jet Ski, Flyboard, Hoverboard, JetPack, Seabob, JetSurf, Paddle Board and more.

The ShadowYacht can also store fuel, water, spare parts and supplies of all kinds, allowing trips over longer distances and ensuring the maintenance of the toys that are stocked on board. One side practical and easy to use. You can do things with a Shadow Yacht that you could never do with another boat.

What makes the Shadow Yachts special is that they are made from marine boats out of service for professional use and therefore refitted into a custom pleasure boat at the customer’s request. A little gem made from an existing boat hull and long manual work as well as solid materials.


1 Tender 26’ BWA RIB – 250CV
1 Yahaha SVHO
1 SeaDoo GTI SE 155
1 Sea Bob
1 Onean Carven Electric Surfboard
1 Paddle board
2 Flyboard ProSeries
1 Hoverboard by ZR
1 FlyRide
1 FLYPAD floating platform

This prototype is the starting point of our new model of the Shadow Yacht brand. A new size, new possibilities and even more fun at sea. This tug, once refitted will be our tool of work and pleasure base, ideal for beautiful navigation at the Mediterranean Sea.

Current works:

  • Complete exterior painting
  • Complete interior painting and varnishing of woodwork
  • Major update of technical equipment:

Crane for Jetskis and Seabob at the front
Removal / Installation of a new generator
Automatic pilot
Removal / Installation of a new electric windlass
Updated electrical system
Installation of Audio / Video / Internet Equipment
Swimming platform instalation, Cutting doors on the sides
Terasse fly bridge
Search for the latest watertoys, purchases and equipment

If you are interested in building your own shadow yacht that would let you travel for several days/weeks and you are looking for something different please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and together we will work to make customized ShadowYacht that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Shadow Yacht is a French brand. Copyright ShadowYacht 2017. All rights reserved.

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